Saturday, May 26, 2012

New house, new look

After looking at my previous post, I think I'm feeling a new look for our new house.... I'm looking around our current house which is mostly fall colors like reds, olive greens and browns, and everything seems so dark and winter-y... which I like for the fall and winter months (it's warm & cozy), but I think we need to lighten up for summer. I'm thinking some colorful pillow covers in fun fabrics, switch out the sticks and branches for some greenery and bright flowers and maybe brighten up the artwork on the walls. I have always been into black frames because you can mix and match them, find them everywhere (even the Dollar Store) and they're usually pretty cheap. After looking at all these cute blogs online, I think I may have to purchase a can of white spray paint and give my frames a makeover. Hmmm... a fresh new look may be in the works...
I like the colors in this pic... the coral, green, and aqua...nice combo.

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