Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paint Swatch Art

I've seen a ton of examples on Pinterest where people have made colorful paint swatch art.  I needed something yellow for my dining room to go with my curtains (since I realized once I hung them that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE that is yellow in my entire house...still trying to make that work... my custom curtains may have to go come fall in lieu of another more neutral color, but I'll save that for another post).  I decided to try it out so I went to Lowe's Hardware and grabbed all the yellow paint swatches they had... I'm sure the guy at the paint counter thought I was insane, but anyway...

It's pretty easy, I just cut a bunch of them up into little squares and then started arranging them on a piece of cardboard out of an old frame.  I put them lightest to darkest in a sunburst pattern:

Then, I cut off the uneven edges so I could fit it back into the frame:

Voila, paint swatch art!  Price: free :o)

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