Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Updates

Just wanted to post a few simple updates that we've done since the weather has turned warmer.  Something about springtime always gets me in the mood to change things up and go lighter and brighter inside the house.  We had a family get-together a couple weeks ago and there's nothing like having people over to make me want to get projects finished.

This bare wall in the kitchen has been bothering me ever since we got the shelves put up.  I'm also thinking of repainting this room (for the 3rd time) but that's another story...
Anyway, I decided to do a quick-fix and make a gallery wall using some frames I already had lying around the house and printing off some kitchen-related free printables I found online.

Before: (the bare wall to the left of the oven)


For anyone who wants to know, those free printables can be found here, here, here, here, and here. The frames started out black, but a can of white spray paint took care of that.  The room feels a lot more finished now.

The second project was my 1/2 bath.  I hadn't really done anything with that room besides hang some towels, but everything in there was brown and I wanted it to look bright and fresh. I wanted a small side table to showcase the beautiful glass bowl that was hand blown for us by our very talented friends Suzanne Ririe and Nick Fruin.  Daniel's mom and dad scored a pair of stools at a flea market for $1 each, and gave me one, so I bought a can of bright turquoise spray paint and Daniel painted it for me to use as a little side table in there.  It worked out perfectly to show off our bowl and hold other necessities like towels and toilet paper.  Then I purchased a couple brightly colored lime green and turquoise hand towels and just added some glass bottles in greens and blues that I have collected over the years to brighten things up.  The painting on the wall was one my grandpa painted years ago that was in my mom's attic that I swiped one Sunday.  It fit well on the wall and the colors in the painting were perfect for the little bathroom.  Those few changes made such a big difference.



I still plan to paint in there, change out the light fixture (I dont know if you noticed, but the placement of it is weird... it's almost impossible to change a lightbulb because the bottom of the globes are about 1 inch from the top of the medicine cabinet so all the light shines down directly on top of the cabinet), and eventually I'd like to turn this 1/2 bath in to a full bath.  But for now, these little quick fixes satisfied my spring fever.  Anyone else making any Spring updates around the house?  


  1. I love the happy colors you added with art and accessories. Clever. It really brightened the rooms.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully when I get around to painting it will make it even brighter!

  3. Love your site, your ideas are awesome and totally do-able!