Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fab-tastic new rug

I just made my first rug purchase for the new house!  My inspiration was from this post, which I found on Pinterest:

I love the lime green door (which I plan to copy in my new house) and I love that rug with all the summery colors.  While I loved the rug, I didn't love the price-tag so much.  So, thanks to, a new website I've recently discovered, I found this rug:
It's designed  by Fab Habitat.  It's made from recycled polypropylene straws, so I feel like I'm being green. Since it's plastic, it's mold and mildew resistant and really easy to clean.  You just hose it off or wipe it down with a wet cloth if it gets dirty, which is perfect for a kitchen/laundry room.  And at $33 for a 4x6 rug, you can't beat the price!  They have all kinds of other indoor/outdoor rugs in cute designs.  I plan to cut it into 2 rugs so I can  have one in the kitchen, and one in the laundry.  Two rugs for the price of one... I like it!