Monday, June 11, 2012

Yard Art

Just wanted to post a little yard art project I did.  This little storage building is off the side of our house and you see the broad side of it as you drive up to our house.  It always looked like it needed something to liven it up a bit.  I simply took some old windows we had lying around, painted them each a different bright color, then had Daniel screw them together and hang them on the side of the building.  Pretty simple.  The windows were free, and I used sample wall paint from Lowe's Hardware (you can get samples of any color for $3 apiece... I bought red, yellow, and blue and mixed and matched to make my own custom colors).

(Please ignore all the untidy weeds growing in front... I usually have bright, colorful Zinnias growing here, but with all the new house preparations, I haven't really had much time for gardening.)
I started to hang the windows in a row, just like as if there were windows in the side of the building, but then I decided to screw them together to make more of a sculpture out of it.  It was Daniel's idea to turn it on its side like that.  I think it kinda looks like a windmill.  Colorful visual interest that was really easy, quick and cheap!  Just what I wanted!


  1. You know that I love, love, love this and desperately want it for the side of my garage!

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