Friday, July 5, 2013

Funky Junk Part 2 - Junktacular Old Door

I've been on a junkin' kick here lately, so there'll be lots of junk-related posts coming up.

For this project, I used an old door out of Daniel's grandmother's old house.  I like using old doors as artwork, as you can see from this post.  I already have those two hanging in the living room and I flip them back and forth depending on the season.  Old doors just have so much character.

Anyway, this door was just propped in one of the rooms, gathering dust and not actually hanging up, so it was practically begging for us to take it and give it a home.

It was already painted, so I didn't feel bad about painting over the old wood.  I am trying to lighten up my living room for summer, so I wanted a light background.  The plan was to hang the door over the couch and use it as a backdrop for artwork.  

I started by removing the door knob and hardware and then going over the door with a dry rag to clean off all the dust.  I then dry-brushed a light coat of off-white paint to give it a shabby-chic/distressed look and show off all the imperfections in the wood.  

Once the paint was dry, it was ready to hang.  Daniel made some brackets to hold it in place on the wall (this sucker is solid wood and very heavy!)

[We almost had a CAT-astrophe getting this thing hung on the wall.  Apparently Bob was inside the couch cushions (which we didn't know) and Daniel had been standing on him as he was hanging this thing.  We finally heard a faint 'meow!' after it was hung and searched until we found him.  He was pretty scared and I was worried sick thinking we'd squished Bob, but it turns out cats really do have 9 lives.  After much cuddling and special treatment, he's back to his old self and completely fine.  He even cuddled up with Daniel most of the day yesterday, so I think he's forgiven.]

Anyway, I attached some vintage coral prints that I found online and mounted on craft paper for some instant artwork.  I think I'd like something bigger, but until I find the perfect artwork, these will do.  

Spoiler: check back for the how-to on the numbered artwork clips in the pic above.  


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