Monday, July 8, 2013

Funky Junk Part 3 - Bootlegged Beauty

For this junk-filled installation, I used a piece of a moonshine still.  We found this buried under the floor of the smokehouse at Daniel's grandma's old place (his Grandpa was a bootlegger).  Even though it was beat up and most of it was gone, the patina on the copper was beautiful and it was a nifty piece of Daniel's family history that he wanted to keep.

It's been sitting in the garage ever since, but always in the back of my mind.  I love the turquoise color on it and have been wanting to use it in my house for a while now.  The idea finally came to me while searching Pinterest for tablescapes.  I came across this image.  I liked the tin bucket they used as a vase to hold the sunflowers and the tool caddy with the dishes and other dining room stuff inside.  And then, this happened:

BAM!  Tablescape.

I used some old baskets that I've had stuffed in a closet since we moved in and then just added some dishes, a fruit bowl, and some flowers from the yard.

I've been stumped since we moved in on what to do with my dining room table.  Everything always looks too small and nothing has ever felt right for that space.  This worked so well and I can't believe I never thought to use it before.

[And now, for your viewing pleasure, here's way too many pictures of the same thing.  Just because I like taking photos of stuff from every angle imaginable.]

Isn't that patina just gorgeous?  I realize some people might look at this and think 'trash' but I like a little elegant junk in my life.  The fact that it has family history just makes it that much cooler.


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